A Guide to Tracking Your Crypto Portfolio: Top 3 Apps

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Guide to Tracking Your Crypto

After all is said and done: you decide on a wallet, you buy some coins of your choice, the next step you might want to take is start tracking your purchases. This is where your crypto portfolio comes in handy.

Preferably, you’ll want to start tracking them in real time, on multiple platforms, through a combination of graphs and calculations already done for you.

Well, the good news is that there are a million and one apps that do just that. But on the other hand, this can make choosing somewhat difficult. So, we might have to narrow down the list of apps first.

So, what exactly is a crypto coin tracker?

Once you get deep into trading and buying altcoins, you might realize that keeping track of all your purchases and sales becomes time-consuming and hard. So, instead of manually working out your total balance by checking all of your wallets individually, you can just use a portfolio tracker.


At the end of the day, there are two main types of trackers that you might want to look into, depending on your requirements.


Manual trackers, which mean updating your portfolio each time you buy/sell coins. And automatic ones, where the app will work out your balance on its own, through exchange APIs, public wallet keys, and more.


1. Blockfolio

Blockfolio Crypto App

Probably the most popular cryptocurrency tracking mobile app, Blockfolio has been the default method for tracking for a long time now.


With both iOS and Android apps, Blockfolio is a great starting option, even for experienced traders looking for something new.

The app offers tools for a simple but effective portfolio tracking and management tools, ranging from simple graphs to analyze your history, to receiving daily updates directly from crypto teams of coins like Dash, Icon, TenX and more.


Blockfolio also has a long list of cryptocurrencies they support and trading pairs with exchanges, which makes syncing and tracking your portfolio a whole lot easier.


Though they have no API support and the app’s design is just decent, Blockfolio still remains the world’s most popular crypto management app and allows you to gain valuable insight into your crypto portfolio like no other.



2. Delta.io

Delta Crypto App

Despite being a somewhat new project (launched in around 2017), Delta is slowly on the road of potentially becoming the number one crypto portfolio tracker app.


They managed to capture everyone’s attention through their design, ease of usability, and more compatibility. As of now, like Blockfolio, they unfortunately have no API support or a desktop version. But as far as mobile apps are concerned, Delta is considered amongst the greats for a good reason.


It can keep track of multiple obscure cryptos and ICOs not yet listed on main exchanges, and although Delta doesn’t support automatic entries, it allows users to manually enter their holdings, which is a very simple solution and goes along with the app’s ease of usability.


If you want something like Blockfolio but faster and more reliable, you might want to look into Delta. The prices on Delta are usually more accurate and the app is always quick to list new coins - making it an optimal app if you want to track all sorts of coins.


3. Cointracker.io

Cointracker Crypto App


Cointracker.io is a relatively new player on the market but they’ve been slowly picking up traction and so far - looks very promising.


They’re backed by Y Combinator, and aside from offering mere crypto tracking portfolio tools (which are free), they also act as a tax manager and provide other paid services.


With its slick UI and clean design, Cointracker.io is a great web application for beginners and advanced users alike. It’s automatic, securely syncs your every transaction, tracks performance and on the whole - helps make tracking cryptocurrency easier.


Unfortunately, as of now, they do not have a native mobile app. They plan to launch them in the future but for now, their website remains mobile-optimized for both Android and iOS.



At the end of the day, the sky's the limit when it comes to crypto portfolio tracking apps.


The above is by no means a complete list, but rather, it acts as a great starting point.


Depending on your requirements, whether you want an app, a website, or a desktop software to track your portfolio, there are tons of options. So, if something doesn’t work out or doesn’t feel right for you - don’t worry, there’s guaranteed to be an alternative.



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