ico news

21 May 2018

After all is said and done: you decide on a wallet, you buy some coins of your choice, the next step you might want to take is start tracking your purchases. This is where your crypto portfolio comes in handy. Preferably, you’ll want to start tracking them in real time, on multiple platforms, through a combination of graphs and calculations already done for you. Well, the good news is that there are a million and one apps that do just that. But on the other hand, this can make choosing somewhat difficult. So, we might have to narrow down the list of apps first.

11 May 2018

We want to to give you some peace of mind by easing you into the purchasing of cryptocurrencies. So, we address the basics… What is the safest and simplest way for you to acquire any cryptocurrency? Undoubtedly, the safest and most reliable way to buy cryptos is through one of our recommended crypto trading platforms, better known as cryptocurrency exchanges.

8 May 2018

Nowadays, simply doing a google search for ‘wallet’ gives you top results for a bitcoin wallet, and the wallet choices are limitless. Before you start trading cryptocurrencies, there are some essential things you need – a cryptocurrency wallet is one of them.

23 April 2018

There is no denying that blockchain has the potential to change the world, from its current uses in the world to all the other industries it can disrupt, it has something to offer everyone. And marketing is no exception.

12 April 2018

In a world where everything is becoming connected, blockchain is a revolutionary piece of technology that can truly change the world as we know it. Without getting too in-depth, blockchain is basically a digital ledger that has the potential to store everything of value, distributed across a peer-to-peer network, through transactions and data.

4 April 2018

While some countries decide to install regulations and ban cryptocurrencies and ICOs altogether, others welcome them with open arms. 🔌 Despite the attempts to ban ICOs in Asia, for example, cryptocurrency is still very much growing fast and is a quickly developing industry in Europe.

27 March 2018

Since the cryptocurrency has entered the big door, numerous exchange websites have sprung. They offer users either to buy and sale crypto for fiat currency or to exchange coins and altcoins. There are many factors which tell whether an exchange platform is good or not. You should bear in mind that the best five platforms often change as their offers, fees, and limits frequently vary. Furthermore, not all users have the same requirements when it comes to exchanging cryptocurrencies.

23 March 2018

Gambling is an industry that simply needs blockchain technology more than anything else. There are a lot of things that can be improved by introducing blockchain and some of the big players have already decided to incorporate it into their systems.

7 March 2018

The Bitcoin gold fever is at its peak and the blockchain masterminds are working hard to extend the scope of this technology. There is a lot of free space to wonder how everything will turn out and it comes down to two ultimate scenarios.

3 March 2018

Every day, more and more people are getting involved in cryptocurrency for all kinds of different reasons. However, what is still lacking is the integration and involvement of women within the industry. In keeping with the cypherpunk spirit which birthed cryptocurrency, perhaps instead of seeing the lack of women as a lamentable problem, it could be seen as the perfect opportunity for an entirely new way of doing things.