What is ICO?

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a kind of fund raising. Person or entity with an idea for the project looks for investors and offers coins instead of the investment. There is the fixed amount of tokens/coins available in the market. If the ICOs are sold, owners of the idea will raise funds for the implementation of the project. 


What is the White Paper?

White paper is the overall description of the project, if provides detailed information on it, including project background, plans, team, idea and ways of its implementation.


How ICOs are listed on IcoGuide.com?

ICOs on our web-page are listed for free. Regular time for listing is 10 days, but turbo listing is also available within 2 days. Description of each ICO is unique, it is the result research and assessment made by our experts.


How each ICO is rated?

We rate ICOs based on the rating provided by our experts. Experts assign ranking for each ICO independently and impartially, our team calculates average sum of all rankings and gives the rate to ICO. No paid ratings are available on our web-page.


Is it safe to invest in ICO?

Yes it is; for safe investment you should make research during investing, read reviews, look at rating and compare, than it comes to decision. Anyway, you should not take the risk you are not able to afford.