The platform is mostly similar to the leader in the industry – Coinbase. Yet, it is nowhere near it regarding its service quality.

CEX.IO offers credit card, bank transfer and cryptocurrency as both deposit and withdrawal methods and the currencies accepted right now are mainly Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, several other currencies have been introduced in the last couple of months.

Beginners will find the platfrom extremely friendly and the methods for buying and selling are relatively easy. It also has a mobile app which users can use to trade their assets.


CEX.IO Safety

The platform is generally considered a safe one and its team has done everything according to the regulations. They are considered a Private Limited Company and are a registered member of FinCEN. Furthermore, all the security standards are followed closely as well.


What Are The Users Saying about CEX.IO?

Despite the overall high-quality of the platform, it still fails to meet the basic criteria that the users have. There are plenty of user reviews that are mostly complaining about troubles while depositing and withdrawing funds. Furthermore, several users have been a subject of slow verification process which sometimes took a whole month to happen.



Founded in 2013, CEX.IO served both as a service for cloud mining and a Bitcoin exchange platform. However, the platform is now exclusively for exchanging cryptocurrency and it incorporates several different types of currencies right now.



Although CEX.IO is a platform that focuses on cryptocurrency exchange, they are still a far cry from being a competition to the big ones such as Coinbase. Due to the fact that half of the states of the USA are not available on the platform, this is the perfect platform for those who live outside of US (preferably Europe) and who want to exchange their fiat currency for the cryptocurrency.



In order to be able to exchange your fiat currency for the cryptocurrency, you should verify your account. The process requires your full name, address, ID picture, address document proof, and a selfie with your credit card. Although they request a bit too much, it is all for the sake of security.

The verification process can in certain cases take up to a month to process. This is one of the main downsides to CEX.IO



Limits are different if you are a verified user and the amounts that you can deposit or withdraw are significantly higher than those for unverified users.

Unverified users can deposit up to $300/day or $1000/month. They can also withdraw up to $500/day or $2000/month.

On the other hand, verified users can deposit or withdraw up to $10,000/day or $100,000/month.

The limits can go up to unlimited if you request the “verified plus” account.


Sadly, fees are the main negative thing about this platform. Due to the fact that they offer “Fill-or-Kill” method of buying cryptocurrencies, they have increased their fees.

Normal deposit methods will take %2 while the fast methods may take up to %7. Also, if you plan to use a credit card, there is an additional %3.5 deposit fee. Withdrawals are usually %3.8. If you use a credit card for withdrawal, you will pay additional 1.2% and if you are withdrawing via a bank, there is a fixed fee of $50.



How Do I Withdraw My Money from CEX.IO

Withdrawing funds is relatively easy in CEX.IO. First of all, go to the finance page on their website and click the button “withdraw”. Next, you only need to specify the amount and the card. Confirm the process with the two-factor authentication (2FA) code.

  • trading fee

    FIAT Deposit fee

    CRYPTO Deposit fee

    Fiat Withdrawal fee

    Crypto withdrawal fee

  • ≤ 5 BTC 0.25% ≤ 30 BTC 0.23% ≤ 50 BTC 0.21% ≤ 100 BTC 0.20% ≤ 200 BTC 0.18% ≤ 1000 BTC 0.15% ≤ 3000 BTC 0.13% ≤ 6000 BTC 0.11% > 6000 BTC 0.10%

    VISA USD 3.5% + $ 0.25 MasterCard USD 3.5% + $ 0.25 Bank transfer USD Free Crypto Capital USD Free VISA EUR 3.5% + € 0.24 MasterCard EUR 3.5% + € 0.24 Bank transfer EUR Free Crypto Capital Free SEPA Free


    VISA USD $ 3.80 MasterCard USD 1.2% + $ 3.80 Crypto Capital 3% VISA EUR € 3.50 MasterCard EUR 1.2% + € 3.50 Bank transfer EUR € 25.00 Crypto Capital EUR 3% SEPA EUR € 10.00



There are three API solutions which make CEX.IO trading automated.

  • REST API – for a swift way into market data and automation of the trade management
  • WebSocket API – a tool that enables trading functionality
  • FIX API – connection of trade systems that ensure liquidity of Bitcoin

The limit to their APIs is 600 requests every 10 minutes.


  • FIAT currency


    SWIFT Deposit

    CARD Deposit

    CARD withdrawal

    swift withdrawal

    other withdrawal possiblity

    CRYPTO CURRENCYrate (Live via API)




    FIAT Withdrawal limit

    Crypto withdrawal limits

    mobile app

    Verification needed for crypto trade

    Verification needed for fiat trading

    Verification Documents

    Country Origin

    Turnaround amount 24h

    Traffic (SimilarWeb)








    SEPA Crypto capital Cryptocurrency

    Basic 3,000$ Verified Ulimited Verified Plus Ulimited Corporate Ulimited



    Basic 3,000$ Verified unlimited Verified Plus unlimited Corporate unlimited

    NO Limits




    Basic Identity Document Verified Personal information Verified Plus Addresses Corporate Scans of Documents

    United Kingdom


    12,000,000 visitors



  • Fill-or-Kill exchange methods which exchange your currencies immediately
  • Beginner friendly
  • Safe and secure
  • Relatively high withdrawal and deposit limits
  • Mobile application


  • Fees are way too high for this type of exchange
  • User dissatisfaction with the speed of verification and deposit/withdrawal speed