Business Idea

Celsius is a blockchain-powered global credit network. It’s a P2P decentralized credit protocol built using smart contract technology.


The goal of the platform is, “to create a modern platform for peer to peer lending, develop a protocol to enable the next generation credit ecosystem, powered by a worldwide community of members.”


Celsius will be a platform where credit scores and legacy data are posted onto the blockchain. This data is used to create a digital identity for each client. That digital identity will include their social and digital footprint. The goal of this digital identity is to encourage the creation of a community of lenders and borrowers with lower loss factors and higher on-time payments, with the end result being higher credit limits, lower interest rates, and a better overall experience to borrowers.


Practically speaking, here’s how the platform works: Celsius allows members to lend to other members and earn higher interest rates than they normally would with a long-term deposit at the bank. Meanwhile, borrowers can pay lower interest rates than they would pay on a bank loan.


ICO release of  650 million tokens   (1 CEL = 0.30 USD)


The final allocation:

  • 40% Presale
  • 10% Crowdsale
  • 27% Treasury
  • 19% Team
  • 2% Partners
  • 2% Advisors




Strong team based on information provided on website.

  • Good business idea.
  • The cost of the savings comes from the use of blockchain technology Celsius eliminates the middleman (the bank) and their high fees.
  • Celsius also has an insurance system in place in case a borrower defaults. In that case, Celsius covers the portion of the principal loan amount for the lender, and they’re responsible for recovering the money owed to lenders.





Minus of the platform is the fact that crypto currency is a volatile tool; the creators of the platform may be faced with the fact that borrowers will not be interested to take loans because of the difference in price of the loan.


Social Media


Twitter – 2,2k followers, two - three posts a day. On average, over 100 retwitts and 100 – 200 likes per post.

Telegram - 4 581 members with hi activity, the admins are answering actively to member’s questions.




Presale: Now – March 15

Crowd Sale : Start 15 March

Accepts: ETH, BTC, USD  


2018: January – Beta released for Celsius mobile wallet and trader app.

February – Public crowdsale begins.

Q2 Expansion of Altcoin

Q3 Borrow Coins & Sell CEL in app.

Q4 Dollar borrowing for Celsius members.

Q4 3rd Party Micro Lender Intregration.

Public Release.




Alex Mashinsky - CEO

Alex is one of the inventors of VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) with a foundational patent dating back to 1994 and is now working on MOIP (Money Over Internet Protocol) technology. Over 35 patents have been issued to Alex, relating to exchanges, VOIP protocols, messaging and communication. lex founded two of New York City’s top 10 venture-backed exits since 2000: one of his first comapnies, Arbinet, IPO’d in 2004 with a market capitalization of over $750 million; and another venture, Transit Wireless, was valued at $1.2 billion at the time of exit.


Daniel Leon - Founding President & COO

Daniel has co-founded and led multiple companies and not-for-profit organizations. Before Governing Dynamics, where he is a managing partner, he was CEO of Atlis Labs, a venture-backed local discovery platform powered by real-time customer referrals. Prior to that, Daniel served as CEO of Beyon3D and chairman of HereO. He was also general manager, of GroundLink, which raised more than $30 million in funding during his tenure.


Nuke Goldstein - CTO.

Nuke was the CEO and founder of Sevenpop, a leading interactive music technology provider to hundreds of hotels and shopping centers across Israel. Prior to his work on the Celsius crypto assets lending and borrowing platform he designed P2P credit protocols using distributed storage and smart-contracts.


Keith Baumwald - CMO

Before joining Celsius, he spent the past three years consulting for startups in London, Berlin and New York, primarily focused on the financial, travel and SAAS sectors. In his last role with Travelex, Keith was named Global Head of R&D where he created and developed a new division within Travelex looking at emerging technologies like the blockchain and cryptocurrency.

review conclusion

Celsius aims to provide a better lending and borrowing experience for everyone. It gives lenders an easy way to lend Ethereum and receive a positive ROI on their investment. Meanwhile, borrowers can sign up for the platform and view an available interest rate within minutes. It’s all built on the Ethereum blockchain and Ethereum smart contracts. The Celsius pre-sale already took place, and the company raised $30 million from accredited investors during that pre-sale. The general crowdsale takes place in January 2018.



Beta released for Celsius mobile wallet and trader app

Jan, 2018

Expansion of Altcoins

Feb, 2018

Dollar borrowing for Celsius members

Apr, 2018

Public Release

Apr, 2019

Public crowdsale begins

Mar, 2018

Borrow Coins & Sell CEL in app

Mar, 2018

3rd Party Micro Lender Integration

Apr, 2018


Alex Mashinsky


S. Daniel Leon

Founding President & COO

Nuke Goldstein


Keith Baumwald


Ronit Dvir Bacalu