Business Idea

The food delivery industry is a 215 billion dollar industry. But it has a problem of being unable to adapt to the currently growing on-demand economy. For instance, shipping delays, canceled orders and slower delivery times are common with traditional delivery methods. Because of this, society needs a decentralized way to ship goods to further help the economy grow – this is the problem that Dorado is trying to solve.

Dorado’s solution is to fully automize the delivery service, by using artificial intelligence, using drones and robots that will deliver the goods to the costumer.

Dorado is an already delivery working company (Foodout Group) with offices in 6 countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Iran, Estonia, Ukraine, Belarus ( currently the company has a traditional way of delivering: car, motorcycle, bicycle).

The company offers quarterly payout bonuses of 7% from the net sales and that is an estimated ROI of about 100% per year.

ICO release of 510  million tokens, the nominal price per token is 10000 DOR = 1 ETH, soft cap = 3,45 k ETH and hard cap = 76,5 k ETH


The final allocation:


  • 51% token sale
  • 15% team (3 year lock)
  • 8% Foodout Group (3 year lock)
  • 8% Goldfish & Early Investors
  • 7% advisors
  • 5% legal counsel
  • 4% strategic partnerships and mergers
  • 2% bounty program


Allocation of the raised funds:


  • 50% expansion and business development
  • 20% marketing and PR
  • 15% research and developments
  • 15% marketing
  • 15% technology and logistics



  • there is a potential huge market share in the delivery industry
  • they have an already working business in delivery



  • uncertainty, how Dorado’s bots will perform once they will be tested
  • no product yet
  • competitors, Amazon already patented this idea
  • regulations , Amazon was banned to make delivery by drones in most of the countries
  • the team lack people with expertise in artificial intelligence and engineers


Social Media

Twitter – 358 k followers, couple of posts per week, under 10 likes and and retweets per post, really low activity.

Facebook – 5,1 k likes and 5,1 k followers. Under 30 likes and shares per post, low activity.

Their activity on social media is very low. 



ICO timeline starts on 7th of Feb, until 16th of May

Accepts ETH, BTC, LTC, credit cards



The company is Swiss based and the team is mainly from Lithuania, also Latvia, Ukraine, etc.

The core team is composed of 16 members, with expertise in different fields, but most of them have expertise in business development, marketing, SEO.

The founder of the company is Jonas Karosas, he started his career in 2010 as a digital marketing manager at a local Lithuanian company( e-commerce retail). In 2014 he Co-founded Foodout (the company is still operated and is profitable), he is a partner at Goldfish Fund, the fund which is an early investor in Dorado.

According to linkedin, Dorado has 29 employees, since on Dorado’s whitepaper it is said that the company has over 200 employees, most of the employees are Lithuanians. 



review conclusion

Company’s idea is futuristic and appealing; but there will be some potential hardships in order to get to results. First, they don’t have any member of the core team with the right expertise in AI and engineering, second, they might have hardships with the regulatory bodies in different countries, third, there are some giant competitors on the market already- Amazon, which holds a patent on this activity.

Dorado’s activity in social media is very weak, there is not much content about them, crypto investors are not discussing much on this ICO.

Overall, Dorado could show some good results in case that they will manage to make a ready product and will find a way out around regulations. 


Launched Dorado's MVP

Jun, 2014

Aggressive Expansion to 14 New Countries

Feb, 2019

Raised Investment & Became Leader 6 Countries

Aug, 2016

Further Expansion & Global Dominance

Jul, 2021


Jonas Karosas


Tadas Cekavicius

Chief of Business Development

Evgeny Tikhomirov

Chief Operating Officer

Erfan Hesam

Chief Innovations & Logistics Officer

Mykhailo Daniuk

Chief Technology Officer

Valdas Vėgėlė

Chief Financial Officer

Vaiva Budinaite

Head of Logistics

Rasa Andriuškevičienė

Head of Commerce

Eglė Gružauskienė

Head of Product

Eugenijus Toleikis

Head of Growth and Marketing