Business Idea

EverMarkets is the first decentralized platform aimed at reinventing the world’s existing derivatives markets. They aim to revolutionize the entire trading experience by making it cheaper, easier, and fairer.


Theu intend to dramatically lower the cost of trading through the deployment of nascent blockchain technologies. r platform will reinvent the traditional roles of the broker, the clearing house, and the exchange into a more streamlined process.


What’s the EVR token for?


For collateral. So to trade a contract, you will need EVR rather than USD or BTC/ETH to place your order.


Holders of EVR can stake the token and receive a percentage of transaction fees. So there will be some sort of staking feature.


Holders can lend their EVR out to borrowers and receive interest. This is all done via smart contracts.


It’s not real time, it’s a periodic pro-rata call auction.


ICO release of  43,600,000 USD (50,000 ETH)

(1 EMX  = 0.15 USD)


The final allocation:

  • 20% Public allocation
  • 9% Team allocation
  • 60% Market Making


Can’t participate: USA




Good business idea.


  • Strong team based on information provided on website.
  • Thanks to the system, frequent auctions. Matching engines will no longer be affected by the instability resulting from periods of surging market data.
  • Regulators and market observers can better survey markets.
  • Data dissemination will be fairer.



At first glance, this project no has few drawbacks. But if in the future the team will not be able to attract many players, then there will be no liquidity on this exchange. By that their platform and tokens will not make sense.


Social Media


Twitter– 49,9k followers, couple of posts a week. On average, over 200 retwitts and 400 – 200  likes per post.

Telegram – 6212 members with hi activity, the admins are answering actively to member’s questions.




Presele – 20 February

Crowdsale - TBA

Accepts: ETH

 2018 : January- Launch beta, CME fungible.

  • E-mini S&P 500 contract
  • Three auctions/day

May- More CME fungible contracts.

July – External risk audit.

September – Launch Eurex.

April – Launch internal market making. June – Launch Chinese exchanges. December – Launch Chinese exchanges.

2019: March – Expand to seven more exchanges globally.

May – 1% US market share, 0.5% in Europe/ Asia. September – Liquidity team.




Jim Bai CEO - 3 year history of trading derivatives including managing a $1B macro book. He knows his markets. Degrees in CS and Computational Finance.


Mark Pimentel Head of Trading — Seems to be a programmer who specialized in algorithmic trading (bots). Was previously in other firms with a specialty in Quantitative Research and Trading. Degrees in Electrical Engineering at Carnegie.


Craig Austin CTO, Co-founder — 7 years head of research for Quantitative Engineering. Previously a programmer. BS, CS, Computational Finance at Carnegie


Jerald David — Chief operating officer — Was Chief Administrating Officer at GreenX, Director of Venture Management at CME Group (biggest derivatives group), Chief Marketing Officer for Dubai Mercantile Exchange. Was Vice President of Marketing for NY Mercantile Exchange and has a B.S. International Business, Franklin & Marshall College


Jack Tan — Chief of Asian Operations — It seems mostly his experiences have been as of a trader, so this is a big step up for Jack


Eric Rogstad — Blockchain Dev — Has a degree in Comp Sci and Electrical Engineering. Has made a few apps as well and has done some trading. Not much particular blockchain experience listed on linked in but on his personal website he knows his stuff. Though more than one blockchain dev would be better .


Evan Rothmayer — Platform development — 13 years at Microsoft, Amazon, & other startups. Architect on DevOps and Cloud Engineering team of 130 engineers — big deal — he knows his shit. Lead developer on multiple “from scratch” product launches at Amazon. B.S. Computer Science, Iowa State University. He even has a patent


Ryan Hansen — BDM — Has worked with previous fintech startups to build them up from scratch.

review conclusion

Currently people are investing in blockchain infrastructure projects with solid teams. Evermarkets seem to have a solid team, and probably what seems to be a MVP that hasn’t been shown yet. There have been MANY other financial platforms launched and so there is much competition in the space. The Roadmap seems sensible and the depth of the team and potential contacts with the dark pools are a necessity for this platform to succeed. I don’t expect price to rise until later this year. The merging of institutional trading on blockchain and allowing lower fees may attract more and more traders. It’ll be interesting to see the space.


Launch beta, CME fungible.

Jan, 2018

More CME fungible contracts

May, 2018

Launch Eurex

Sep, 2018

Expand to seven more exchanges globally.

Mar, 2019

Liquidity team.

Sep, 2019


Feb, 2018

External risk audit.

Jul, 2018

Launch Chinese exchanges.

Dec, 2018

1% US market share, 0.5% in Europe/ Asia

May, 2019


Jim Bai

Chief Executive Officer

Mark Pimentel

President, Head of Trading

Craig Austin

Chief Technology Officer

Jerald David

Chief Operations Officer

Jack Tan

Chief of Asian Operations

Eric Rogstad

Blockchain Development

Evan Rothmayer

Platform Development

Ryan Hansen

Business Development