Business Idea

In short, what INGOT Coin offers is a one-of-a-kind ecosystem that lets you manipulate both your traditional and cryptographic assets. In other words, you will be able to transfer, manage and store both crypto and fiat currencies and all of them will be powered by a decentralized system and smart contracts.


IC will also offer an IC Accelerator and IC Certifier and these will serve as services for upgrading the token economy with things such as ratings, consultations, certifications, etc. Basically - you can have all in one place!


Ingot Coin Information


The coin is based on Ethereum platform and the possible accepted currencies for buying the coin are BTC, ETH, and FIAT. Ingot Coin creators aim to collect $35.000.000 as a soft cap or $90.000.000 as a hard cap.


The total number of 90.000.000 IC will be issued and it follows that the price of 1 IC will be $1. However, there is a minimum limit to each purchase and it is 100IC. The location of this ICO is registered in Estonia.


The ICO will start on the 1st of July and end on 11th of August. However, the pre-ICO starts on 1st of May. The token allocation will be as following:

  • Founders 4%
  • Advisors 4%
  • The Team 5%
  • Bounty Program 5%
  • Early backers 7%
  • Public 75%




The team consists of 22 professionals and there are also 5 advisors for the project. Some of the notable team members are:


Iman Mutiaq - INGOT Coin co-founder

Ali Shibib - CEO at INGOT Coin

Ali Faqih - CFO at INGOT Coin

Zeid Madbak - CRO at INGOT Coin

Ahmed Khawanky - CMO at INGOT Coin


The Roadmap


The roadmap for this project is really comprehensive and it starts with Q3 of 2017 when the initial team did a research on financial threats that may happen in the future or that may already be underway.


They reserved 2017 for research and developed a business model in Q1 of 2018. The whitepaper was created in Q2 of 2018. The pre-sale is also made in Q2 and the beginning of Q3 is reserved for the first round of ICO.


The plan is to go live with the IC Wallet in Q4 of 2019 and to open an IC Digital bank in Q2 of 2019. All of the other components of the website are scheduled for the second part of 2019 and for 2020.

review conclusion

The idea of INGOT Coin is a simple yet effective one and we can only wait and hope to see whether it will become fully realized in the future and as planned. Currently, the whitepaper offers a detailed overview of their business model and all the other valuable info on the project and the coin. The pre-sale will begin in five days - on 1st of May and it will be interesting to see how the investors will react. If you consider investing, you can also save time and read their Litepaper.



Business model and financial feasibility study

Mar, 2018

INGOT’s first round ICO

Sep, 2018

IC Digital Bank Is Open For Business

Jun, 2019

INGOT’s Second round ICO

Dec, 2019

Launching the Digital Commodity Exchange

Dec, 2020

Publishing INGOT’s Whitepaper / Bounty Program Released / INGOT’s Pre sale ICO

Jun, 2018

IC Wallet Goes Live

Dec, 2018

Completing the Ecosystem Components / IC Brokerage / IC Exchange and IC Liquidity Pool / IC Crypto Certifier / IC ICO Accelerator

Sep, 2019

Planning the INGOT Digitalized Commodity Exchange.

Mar, 2020


Iman Mutlaq

Ali Shibib


Ali Faqih


Zeid Madbak


Ahmed Khawanky


Bruno Bianchini

Business Development Manager

Hadi Varouqa

Art Director

Saif El Din Murad

Marketing Manager

Rashed Alkhzaie

ICO Strategist

Haiyan liu

Customer Services Manager

Iyas Sartawi

Community Manager for Egypt

Mohammad Basyouni

Community Manager for Bahrain

Matt Maccrow

Community Manager for Australia

Rajkumar Kanagasingam

Community Manager for Sri Lanka

Yin Lu

Community Manager for China

Hasan Al-Omari

Business Analyst

Zaid Srour

Business Analyst

Hossam Khawanky

Events Manager

Ehab Aboushi

Back-end Developer

Ashar Rawashdeh

Front-end Developer

Khaled Faza

Financial Analyst

Esra Hatemi

Graphics & Motion Designer