Business Idea

The mainframe platform is a communication platform that has the best features of today networking protocols and applications while maintaining user sovereignty and security.


The platform has different protocols and transport layers that have been incentivized by token economies and software development kits which allow for easy integration with different languages, devices, oracles, smart contracts, and operating systems. This allows for better token exchange and interoperability with other blockchain technologies.


The mainframe platform has a Kademlia-based peer-to-peer network that propagates and executes the transaction based on blockchain technology. The network layer abstracts away the geographically traceable internet transport layer and randomly assigns addresses to every node or peer. Blockchain tokens are used to exchange monetary value between the nodes. For secure communication, other protocols can be seen above the transport layer.


Each of the mainframe nodes has p2p interfaces that allow the application layer to enable blockchain transactions, storage of files, packet routing, the holding of packets and data services. Each of the p2p services is provided by peers that operate in incentivized cooperation with each other and does not rely on any managed infrastructure.


ICO release of  10  billion tokens (1 MFT= 0.000006 ETH)

ICO Hard Cap: 30,000 ETH

The final allocation:


  • 50% ICO
  • 25% Team
  • 25% Ecosystem


Can’t participate: USA      



  • Team had previously collaborated on past project and has been in the space of messaging app for five years, technical expertise is there 
  • Project is backed by prominent industry veterans and gained positive publicity from figure such as Ian Balina.



  • Roadmap does not include specific timeline; aspects about public crowdsale are currently not disclosed by Mainframe team.


Social Media


Twitter – 3426  followers, 908 Tweets, 30- 60 likes for  tweet


Telegram – 13222 members with hi activity, the admins are answering actively to member’s questions.




Pre-Sale date : TBA

Crowdsale- TBA

Accepts: ETH. (ERC20)

Exact dates are not given by Mainframe but there is a broad timeline and it is as follows:


  • February 2018 : Private sale
  • March 2018 : Public sale
  • April 2018 : Token distribution
  • May 2018: Test net to be launched.


Mainframe has identified the following goals for the rollout of the platform and Onyx.


Milestone 1 : Apollo -> Beta version of Onyx

Milestone 2: Hawthorne -> Additional features to be added to Onyx (reminders, task sharing)

Milestone 3: Gettysburg -> full incentivisation of all protocol layers enabling Onyx to run in fully unhosted mode.




Mick Hagen.

Founder/CEO of Mainframe.

Mick is an entrepreneur, investor and advisor in the startup ecosystem. After dropping out of Princeton University (computer science), Mick founded Zinch, an ed-tech company connecting students globally with opportunities in higher education. Mick helped Zinch grow to an international, 8-figure revenue-run-rate startup that served millions of students and 800+ colleges & universities worldwide. After six years, Zinch was acquired by Chegg (CHGG, NYSE) for $45mm. Mick is currently CEO of Mainframe -- a new decentralized messaging protocol focused on productivity.


Carl Youngblood.

CTO at Mainframe, Blockchain Speaker and Advisor.

Software engineer for over twenty years, specializing in blockchain technology and

highly scalable web applications.


Brad Hagen.

VP at Mainframe, Blockchain/Crypto.

Experienced entrepreneur growing early stage companies. Focused in sales, biz dev, and biz strategy. Brad loves the hustle and puts deals together. Cofounder of Zinch (acquired), built/managed sales team (0 to $10m revenue run rate); VP Lendio (partnerships with top 100 banks); Cofounder of Studio/Brandr (acquired), owned biz dev/ revenue.


Shane Howley.

VP Engineering at Mainframe.

Software engineer with a Ph.D. in concurrent data structure algorithms , who thrives on building MVPs and scaling them up to production in small, capable teams.

The majority of my experience has been at early stage startups developing core business technology and designing for scale.


review conclusion

The idea of a mainframe platform is a good product for Allow for the efficient and timely relay of packets between the peers. Incentivize the delivery of packets from the sender to the receiver Allow for decentralized file storage. They allow for the decentralized data service. As a means of exchange in the platform where they can be used to buy digital goods and serviced. Thereby this project will open many opportunities for the development of various business processes and directions.


Private sale

Feb, 2018

Test net to be launched

May, 2018

Public sale

Mar, 2018


Mick Hagen


Carl Youngblood


Brad Hagen

Business Development & Sales

Shane Howley

VP Engineering, Back-end

Paul Le Cam

VP Engineering, Front-end

Milos Mosic

Back-end Engineer

Adam Clarke

Front-end Engineer

Diogo Perillo

Front-end Engineer

Austin Craig

Head of Marketing

Clement Jaquier

Head of Design

Luca Tavazzani

Operations & Strategy

Matt Larson

Business Development & Strategy