Business Idea

Mattereum creates and manages the legal and technical systems required to implement the control and transfer of rights in material and intellectual property as well as digital assets, enforced by a decentralised commercial arbitration court.


It does so by helping harness the power of blockchain software in the execution of legal contracts while providing a simple legal interpretation and implementation to digital trade. It serves as the pioneer in the world of the global Internet of Agreements as it incorporates the next frontier of digital commerce.


In the business world, contracts are literally signed on everything and every day. The e-commerce world, however, finds it a bit hard to have the agreements signed and honored by each party. With the emergence of Mattereum, therefore, all promises will be legally binding and thus clear the way for safe, trustworthy and reliable operations.


ICO release : TBA

The final allocation: TBA

Can’t participate: United Kingdom.




  • Strong team based on information provided on website.
  • The Matterium proposal seems to be a good solution to common problems in the jurisdiction and in the company's pure cooperation among themselves.
  • Smart Contracts will be decentralized and automatic, and the total cost will be relatively low. Of course, there’s the benefit of the businesses having their agreements digitalized




  • In the team only 5 people.
  • No road map.
  • No data on the collection of funds, nothing is written about the location.
  • No information about this project on search engines which can grand lower rate of adoption and interest of other markets participants to this project.


Social Media


Twitter – 2662 followers, couple of posts a day. On average, over 200 retwitts and 10 – 20  likes per post.

Telegram – 2274 members with hi activity, the admins are answering actively to member’s questions.




Token sale : TBA

Accepts:  TBA




Vinay Gupta is responsible for Mattereum’s corporate strategy, vision, external communications, investor relations and reputation. He is a leading figure in the blockchain space, having co-ordinated the release of the blockchain platform Ethereum in July 2015, and was strategic architect for ConsenSys Systems, a technology hub focusing on the Ethereum blockchain and related applications.


Rob Knight, an experienced entrepreneur, software engineer and architect and Chief Technology Officer, is responsible for the overall management of Mattereum, notably implementation and co-ordination of the technology. He has exceptional experience as lead manager of corporate technology projects at the Royal Mail, Post Office and ITV and designed software for management licensing for BBC Worldwide.


Christopher Wray is Mattereum’s Chief Legal Officer. Christopher is a lawyer and mediator with particular experience in company law, intellectual property and legal project management.


Ian Grigg is Mattereum’s Chief Scientist. A renowned financial cryptographer who has been active in this space since 1995, Ian is inventor of both Ricardian Contracts and triple-entry accounting. Educated at the University of South Wales (BSc Hons, Computer Science) and the London Business School (MBA Executive), Ian went on to specialise in financial cryptography and security and risk management. He spent six  years with CAcert, the community-driven certification authority, as independent auditor, in its strategy and governance and then software development. He currently consults on P2P and has been working to develop an EOS (Enterprise Operating System) with Dan Lorimer and Block.One.


Dr. Mihai Cimpoesu, who holds his doctorate in Computer Science, is Mattereum’s Chief Engineer and was a technical lead in the Blockchain team for Thomson Reuters.


Dr. Aeron Buchanan, who holds his doctorate in computer vision from the Oxford University Robotics Department, is Mattereum’s Chief Operations Officer and was formerly Chief Operating Officer for the Ethereum Foundation.


review conclusion

Mattereum is unique, both regarding its function and those credited for its founding. The team who created it boasts years of experience in crafting remarkable infrastructure and Mattereum is a perfect testament to that. And it will allow business powered by the blockchain technology to come up with their system of automated, decentralized commercial law for execution of any legal contract. What this means is, Mattereum will give businesses the convenience of reaching agreements and consensus on various facts legally and acceptably. And this will be possible via the creation of Smart Contracts!



Vinay Gupta

Rob Knight

Christopher Wray

Chief Legal Officer

Ian Grigg

Chief Scientist

Dr. Mihai Cimpoesu

Chief Engineer

Dr. Aeron Buchanan

Chief Operations Officer