Business Idea

Miner Edge is a mining company that plans on becoming the largest crowdfunded company of this kind in the world. Their secret lies in using the green energy, which is in abundance in certain regions in Canada, and converting it to electricity for mining. In other words, they plan to use energy sources that are 100% renewable for their actions. This way, they are entering the market as a low-cost company.


The plan is to focus primarily on mining Bitcoin, Ripple, Dash, Monero, and Litecoin. Company’s headquarters are located in Belarus, which is currently a tax haven for cryptocurrency businesses. Also, they are working on introducing backup options to ensure stability if any of the token’s price suddenly drops. They also have the intention of providing both hot and cold storage of tokens to ensure total safety.


Miner Edge Token Information


The name of their token will be MET and it will be an Ethereum-based altcoin. The total number of tokens is aimed at 60 million, while 42 million tokens will be offered during the sale. The planned soft cap for the project is $3 million USD and the hard cap is as much as $32 million USD. The unsold tokens will be destroyed.


The initial private sale was originally scheduled for May 15, but it was postponed for 15 days and will start on June 1. The minimum quantity to participate in the private sale is 10,000 MET and one met is priced at $0.6. The pre-ICO will start on July 13. August 1, 2018 is scheduled to be the starting date of the open sale. The MET Tokens could be bought with Ether (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC). Here’s how they will be divided:


  • 82% for the Miner Edge Community contributing participants
  • 10% for the Team
  • 6% for the Research and Development
  • 2% for the ICO Bounty Program



The core team currently has 9 members and 4 advisors. The two most important ones are:


The rest of the team seems really reliable and experienced according to the website and LinkedIn.


The Roadmap


The history of this project is not big. Their journey started on January 2018 when the initial team was formed. From then on, the things were getting better, which resulted in their development starting in March. The first GPU Farm building starts on July 29, two days before the open sale.


The production is scheduled to start in November 2018 and the first payout should happen by the end of 2018. This concludes the 1-year plan which is presented in the whitepaper and the officials state that the beginning of 2019 should see the start of wallet development.

review conclusion

What makes Miner Edge unique is the transparency that they guarantee. They plan to go all-out and are so far very open about all their plans and the methods they use to execute those plans. Although the project is still young, it looks promising so far!



Team formed

Jan, 2018

Private Sale

Jun, 2018

Open sale

Aug, 2018

First order recieved

Oct, 2018

Production starts

Nov, 2018

First payout

Dec, 2018

Development start

Mar, 2018

Construction of GPU farm

Jul, 2018

Firs Miner order on soft cap recieved

Sep, 2018

Second machinery order

Oct, 2018

Second machinery order recieved

Dec, 2018

Wallet development

Dec, 2018


Rakesh Handa


Philip Ikechi Ejiofor

Sandip Rathod

Sales , Marketing

Anukush Kumar Sharma


Emmanuel Onwuegbuzie

Financial Advisor

Vipin Kumar

Business Analyst

Imran Qureshi

Digital Marketing

Ajay Hada

Crypto Developer