Business Idea

The Omnitude ICO and ECOM Token connects blockchain technologies to existing eCommerce platforms and enterprise systems. Interoperability between networks of disparate software systems and blockchain is a pressing demand in the tech world. Most enterprise, software solutions exist in disparate information verticals.


Businesses like eCommerce sites can deploy Omnitude without replacing their current systems to create a more efficient and transparent data ecosystem. As an open source project, app developers can deploy solutions built on Omnitude at will.


Omnitude is designed to eliminate many of the current issues in the eCommerce market, such as customer onboarding by individual merchants, supply chain inefficiencies and fraud on the part of both customers and sellers. These innovations will be accomplished primarily through the introduction of the Omnitude Identity and Omnitude Supply Chain solutions.


ICO release of 100 million tokens  (1ECOM = 0.46USD)

Personal cap: 150USD/25000USD


The final allocation:

  • 12 % Team & Advisors
  • 5% Pre-sale investors
  • 7% Development Team.
  • 50% Token Sale Investors
  • 33% Omnitude Foundation.


Can’t participate: United Kingdom.




The team is much professional; people in the team have a lot of experience in this direction.


Social networking and marketing is well developed.


For the sake of safety no transaction details would be ever be shared with a competitors. Even any commercial information is not at any cost exposed by the system supporting trade within the users. This platform hides all identities of the user. They also keep check on transaction pattern




Two missing indicators that would give us more confidence on the competition front are partnerships and product development.


Social Media


Twitter – 12k followers, couple one – two posts a day. On average, over 100 retwitts and 100 – 150 likes per post.

Telegram – 17758 members with hi activity, the admins are answering actively to member’s questions.




Whitelisting-March 1-?

Token Sale – 28 March

Accepts: ETH, BTC, USD

Q1 2018 – White list and pre-sale

Creation of proof of concept.

Legacy Systems

Onboard Beta Clients, Business partners.

Q2 2018 –Announce technology partners. Creation of live production nodes.

Q 3 2018 – Develop Operating models and governance.

Q4 2018 – Completion of testing Begin full time Development on Phase 2.




Chris Painter is the Founder and CEO of Omnitude. He served for 9 years as Managing Director of Pixel by Pixel, a web design and development agency that he was instrumental in scaling. The company primarily focuses on delivering solutions to eCommerce platforms.


Robert Belgrave is a Founder and Advisor of Omnitude. He is best known as the Founder and CEO of cloud services company Wirehive. He served as an Advisor for  Dadi and has held the position of Lead Solution Architect in numerous previous ventures.


Ben Bennet serves as Operations Director. Ben is the Founder and Director of two current businesses besides Omnitude. He has been Sales Director of six different companies in the span of 13 years. His extensive background in sales will be crucial for pitching the Omnitude project to enterprise clients.

Vladimir Kalynyak, Co-founderVladimir obtained his Master in Computer Science sections “Aircraft Instruments and measuring and computing complexes" in 2003.Just 2 years down the line in 2005, he co-founded Simbirsk Technologies. In just 5 years, under Vladimir’s direct management, Simbirsk Technologies grew up from its 3 co-founders to a team of more than 100 specialists in areas like software development and testing, web development, system administration, cloud technologies, research and development and design and branding.

Benjamin Van Every, Blockchain ConsultantBenjamin is an expert senior quant engineer (Python, C#, C++, Java, and R), with a solid background in software development, cryptocurrencies and blockchain, trading, artificial intelligence, web scraping, physics, mathematics, engineering and research. He is a serial technology entrepreneur, former investment banker, and senior wireline field engineer. He has been involved in several coding and business start-up projects related to blockchain and crypto assets/coins, where he has gained diverse and varied hands-on experience.


review conclusion

The Omnitude ICO offers an innovative concept to address major inefficiencies in enterprise system management which are ripe for blockchain implementation. At this point in the game, without seeing an “minimum viable product” or confirming rumored partnerships, we are left to rely on the team and concept when making our decision.


White list and pre-sale Creation of proof of concept. Legacy Systems Onboard Beta Clients, Business partners.

Mar, 2018

Develop Operating models and governance.

Sep, 2018

Announce technology partners. Creation of live production nodes.

Jun, 2018

Completion of testing Begin full time Development on Phase 2.

Dec, 2018


Chris Painter


Vladimir Kalynyak

Robert Belgrave


Benjamin Van Every

Blockchain Consultan

James Worthington

Hyperledger Consultant

Ben Bennett

Operations Director

Jon Harris

Jon Harris

Lianne Byrne

Marketing Director

Belinda Hall

Strategy & Partnerships Director

Ben Roy

Blockchain Developer