Business Idea


Parking is one of the widespread problems that the world faces today. There is a rapidly growing number of cars, while the planet’s space remains the same. That requires better parking management system that will help the drivers find a vacant parking spot faster. Humanity as a whole needs help with clearing the traffic congestions and make parking more affordable and convenient.


Parkade is the company to offer a solution to this issue. If their ICO is successful, they will proceed to buy parking real estate and improving them with the latest technology. The team’s plan is to upgrade the parking lots all over the world in order to solve the parking crisis that could become a big problem anytime soon.


The ICO is essentially a category of real estate, but it is closely related to technology. Let’s see what their ICO will look like!




The official coin for this ICO is the Parkade Coin which is abbreviated as PRKC. Their target price is 240,000,000, and they are aiming for the hard cap of $120 million. On the other hand, the soft cap for the project is $5 million.


The start date for the ICO was August 15, and it will last until October 31. You will be able to buy this coin via ETH, BTC, and Litecoin, and the starting bonus for the early buyers is 30%.




According to their whitepaper, the team currently has eight core team members and four advisors, and one of them stands out as the founder of the project. His name is Vik Kwatra who’s been in the business for more than ten years, and his resume includes planning, developing and building more than six million feet of residential and commercial properties.




The whole idea for this interesting project began back in 2016 when the blockchain technology began to increase in popularity. The concept was developed during 2016, and the core team started operating in 2017. They began creating plans for the ICO in Q4 2017, and the idea was finalized in February 2018 when they started preparing for the start of the ICO.


After the ICO, they plan to begin buying the assets and start developing the application. Furthermore, they will start working on the property that they bought and start testing their ideas.


Finally, the application for Parkade.io will be launched for mobile in December 2018, and its main purpose will be to support the parking assets that are bought by Parkade around the world.

review conclusion

Parkade is the project worth considering as they address the real issue and have concrete solutions for it. However, the project is still in its early phase, and there is a lot of room for improvement.


Let’s see how their ICO will turn out – if it goes well, we will certainly get a groundbreaking project which will make the lives of drivers all around the world easier and more effective.


The Parkade idea was finalized, and whitepaper begins to be developed. Infrastructure for the ICO starts to come together.

Feb, 2018

The team finalizes the whitepaper, marketing and preliminary real estate research, everyone is excited and ready to launch Parkade Coin.

Jun, 2018

Private Sale and Pre-Sale of the Parkade Coin

Aug, 2018

ICO winds down, roughly 6 weeks after the ICO release.

Oct, 2018

Planned launch of the Parkade.io mobile application, designed to provide the infrastructure to support the parking assets purchased around the world.

Dec, 2018

Design, logo, and website are conceptualized and finalized. The team agrees on the color green as the staple for the ICO and Parkade.io brand.

Apr, 2018

Information release, 30 days before the launch of the ICO.

Jul, 2018

ICO release and first purchases. Marketing of the ICO will occur in cities around the world.

Sep, 2018

Begin purchasing assets and application development begins. Construction will begin on applicable purchased property.

Nov, 2018


Vikas Kwatra

Mercy Cabiles

Client Relations Associate

Vanessa Tang

Client Relations Manager

Asya Stoyanova

Accounts Coordinator

Petya Yunakova

Accounts Manager

Daryl Hlushak

Construction Manager

Jeselle Aquino

Operations Coordinator

Lenine Darryl

Marketing Manager