Business Idea

Seele describes itself as the blockchain 4.0. This is because it improves on Bitcoin (blockchain 1.0), Ethereum’s smart contract (blockchain 2.0), Lightning Network (blockchain 3.0) which is used to improve the speed of transactions.


Seele  is set to revolutionize and advance the blockchain industry. Whatever you see Bitcoin and Ethereum doing, expect Seele to do it much better and faster. There are problems that the existing blockchain experience due to a high number of nodes which ultimately affect the consensus. That is contrary to the spirit of large-scale collaboration among individuals and organizations. However, Seele plans to overcome this problem with a proposed neural consensus algorithm that has exceptional scalability.


As aforementioned, the Seele platform is set to utilize the neural consensus protocol for a high concurrency between different nodes. As a result, the platform's network forms a mixed and multi-chain forest ecosystem. Each forest will apply to the relevant business with each cohesive company set to run in a single chain. The heterogenous blockchains will provide a platform and subnet for different or similar services and enterprises. Such a design will help provide security isolation and resource optimization within the network. Additionally, the cross-chain access ability will result in a low-cost transfer for users.


ICO release of 1  billion tokens


The final allocation:


  • 25 % Token Sale.
  • 75% Community Airdrop.
  • 7% Development Team.
  • 3% Early investors and consultants.
  • 10% Foundation.
  • 30% Mining Reward.


Can’t participate: Chinese.




Innovative Idea: Seele’s plan to improve on previous blockchain framework attracted multiple users to its cause.

If it’s technically feasible and will be completed, then it is one of, if not the most massive project I’ve ever met — it’s not a simple blockchain, it’s everything based on blockchain: the Internet, business, data, information, economy.

The team is much titled: professors, DSc, patents, huge experience, world’s top universities.

Even if you are not a technical professional they explain in lay language all the existing shortcomings of blockchain and offer solutions to these problem




Vague Whitepaper: There is too much extra technical information that might confuse the reader.

Noticeable Scam: Seele has stolen 2 million off of their follower base.

Lack of Advisors: The website has only two advisors which can be rather suspicious to some.

The major part of their team, advisors and counselors are just names and photos for me, because there is no sufficient information on them on the web. Who are these people? How public are they?


Social Media


Twitter – 9713 followers, couple two – three posts a week. On average, over 80 retwitts and 100 – 150 likes per post.

Telegram – 33167 members with hi activity, the admins are answering actively to member’s questions.




Whitelisting-February 26-28

Accepts: ETH


Q1 2018 – Vlidate the algorithms for each core module and get a minimized workable mode.

Q2 2018 – Transfer the user value on test network.

Q 3 2018 – Deploy value transmission protocol. Open the value trans- mission channel in heterogeneous forest network.

Q4 2018 – Rollout to public network.




Dr. Bi Wei, chief scientist

Master of Science in Computer Science, Oxford University.Deputy Secretary General, China Blockchain Technology Innovation and

Application Alliance. Has 8 blockchain related technology patents.Former London University postdoctoral, fellow, graduate doctoral tutor. He is

good at data analysis, image processing and visual science.


Dr. Gong Hui, digital cryptocurrency expert

Ph.D. in UCL Financial Mathematics

UCL block chain technology research center researcher

Sino-British blockchain Association founder

Yuen Long Financial Information Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. CEO


Dr. Maolin Zheng, Disease early warning risk control algorithm

Distinguished Specialist, Beijing, China

Postdoctoral NSERC, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council,

Government of Canada

Postdoctoral fellow at Montreal Business School (HEC)


Dr. Nick Smith, medical data analyst

Distributed Computing, Cloud Computing, Grid Computing Engineers

Postdoctoral University of London, doctoral tutor

Years of experience in distributed systems and cloud computing.


Dr. Fiona Glen, Senior health data analyst

Postdoctoral at city university of London, researcher

Honorary researcher of the Moorfields ophthalmology hospital, UK

Good at quantitative analysis and Simulation of patient's real world medical data involved in the design and implementation of some Large research projects for British national medical service systems.

Liu Wensi, Big data platform architect

Master, Peking University

14 years of core technology development experience

Senior Software Development Manager/Senior Software Engineer, Microsoft

Cloud computing research and development engineers, Sina Search engines architect, China Mobile Feixin.


review conclusion

Although Seele bills itself as blockchain4.0, there is still much to desire. The project is far from making any substantial as most of its goals are yet to be laid down. Furthermore, the project is still under preliminary tests in the development phase. As of now, everything about Seele is only good on paper. Only time will tell if Seele will turn out to be a viable project. All-in-all, the Seele project is relatively new and would not be a good investment if you are in search of a project with future potential in the crypto world.


Minimum feasibility verification

Mar, 2018

Core function test and performance optimization

Sep, 2018

Building application support tools

Mar, 2019

Completing the test network

Jun, 2018

Publish mainnet

Dec, 2018


Dr. Wei Bi

Chief scientist

Dr. Maolin Zheng

Dean of BRI

Dr. Nick Smith

Data Analyst

Dr. Stephen Gruppetta

Data scientist

Gong Hui

Digital currency expert

Wensi Liu

Big data platform architect

Junjie Zheng

Blockchain platform architect

Zhixiong Hong

Blockchain application expert