Business Idea

Successlife is a project developed by Success Resources, which is one of the leading companies when it comes to seminars and workshop organizations. They claim that there is a huge problem in the education industry, especially when it comes to student debt in the US. Their plan is to contribute to solving this issue by introducing SuccessLife Tokens which will be the primary payment tool for paying education, professional and personal development.


Successlife Token Information


SuccessLife Tokens (SLTs) are the main tokens based on Multichain. Their soft cap is $2,000,000 and their next goal is the hard cap of $27,000,000. A total number of 100,000,000 SLT will be issued. At this moment, the private sale has been concluded successfully with their goal of $8,000,000 reached. The private sale began on October 29, 2017 and concluded on March 15, 2018.


The public sale is currently underway and it began on. April 15. It is scheduled to May 31. There are several stages of public sale and they will transition once the goal of each stage is reached.


  • Stage 1 - 1SLT = $0.80 - Target Value = $2.7M
  • Stage 2 - 1SLT = $0.85 - Target Value = $2.7M
  • Stage 3 - 1SLT = $0.90 - Target Value = $2.7M
  • Stage 4 - 1SLT = $0.95 - Target Value = $2.7M
  • Stage 5 - 1SLT = $1.00 - Target Value = $2.7M
  • Stage 6 - 1SLT = $1.05 - Target Value = $2.7M
  • Stage 7 - 1SLT = $1.10 - Target Value = $2.8M


65% will be released in the ICO sale, 30% will be saved as fund reserve and 5% will go to the referral program that they are planning to implement.




There are 4 Successlife founders which are seen as crucial for the whole project. They are:

  • Richard Tan Poh Choon - Founder and Chairman
  • Michael Burnett - Founder and CEO
  • Veronica Chew - Founder and General Manager
  • Dr Patrick Liew - Founder and Advisor


Apart from these four, there are also 14 members of the core team of Successlife and 5 consultants and strategic partners. Furthermore, the project also has three top-notch advisors who help them improve their business.



Although SuccessLife exists basically for a long time, their decentralized story begins in April 2018 when they begin their ICO. Their plan for the future is to finalize their business model by June and launch “Early Bird” Client Acquisition in July.

Their “Soft Launch” is scheduled for November and the Project Sign-Off for January 2019. Finally, they plan to go live in February 2019. This really looks like a tight schedule, but since it is already an established company, there’s no doubt that they will manage to make it work.

review conclusion

To sum up, Successlife really looks like an interesting ICO and if you are interested in education and self-development, this may be an ideal investment for you. Since they already have an existing user base that counts circa 6 million people, they are likely to succeed in their ICO endeavors. Make sure to closely follow how the ICO makes progress!



ICO Commences

Apr, 2018

Reconcile And Distribute

Jun, 2018

Announce And Launch “Early Bird” Client Aquistion

Jul, 2018

Development Proprietary Content

Aug, 2018

Finalise Affilate Agreements With Content And Service Providers

Sep, 2018

Migrate Client Database To Platform

Oct, 2018

Soft Launch

Nov, 2018

Project Sign-Off

Jan, 2019

Go Live

Feb, 2018

ICO Concludes

May, 2018

Finalise Business Model Client

Jun, 2018

Lock Down First Round Content And Finalise Investment Capital

Jul, 2018

Web Content Agregation

Aug, 2018

Build Platform And Close Content Deals/Contracts

Oct, 2018

Content Acquisition, Curation And Development Population

Nov, 2018

QA Functionality, E-Commerce (End-User Testing, User Acceptance Testing) Issue Resolution.

Dec, 2018

Client Hosting Configuration & Migration

Jan, 2018


Richard Tan Poh Choon


Michael Burnett

Chief Executive Officer

Veronica Chew

General Manager

Dr Patrick Liew


Tony Lorge

Chief Executive Officer

Peggy Chan

Chief Financial Officer

Loh Chang Chiat

Chief Technical Officer

Joshua Goh

Vice President Marketing & Communications

Clarence Ho

Vice President Community Management

Jason Tyne

Growth Strategist

Bertus Fick

Vice President Operations

Helen Treloar

Vice President Content Strategy

Ivan Oshry

Legal Advisor

Daniel Sloan

ICO consulatant/advisor