Business Idea

The Winco project aims to be a decentralized cryptocurrency, following all the standards and advantages of the main cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ethereum. Winco's biggest differential is the focus on investing in digital and physical startups, and real estate ventures. Combining the ease and great valuation of the cryptocurrencies with the potential of expansion of new businesses, commercial and residential real estate developments. Winco's fundamental concept is to decentralize the financing of startups, the franchise market and the real estate market, which can generate lower costs and integrate physical and digital assets. Winco will be negotiated to build portfolios of startups, franchise units and in the construction sector, real estate such as: Residential and commercial buildings, hotels, land lots, ports, airports, among others.


All new businnes and venture linked to the Winco project will be traded with FIAT and Winco coins, in addition to accepting any other established crypto-coins. With each new businnes or venture added to the portfolio, Winco gains market value, encouraging new consumers and entrepreneurs to use Winco as a means of payment, consolidating it as the Startups and Real Estate Market Cryptocurrency.


ICO release of  7,652 billion tokens   (1WCO = 0.07$)


The final allocation:


  • 88% Market Distribution.
  • 20% Partners
  • 91 % Founder Team


Can’t participate: International




The advantages of this project is idea itself.



Minus this ICO in the fact, there are no data about team members and they can’t be found on Linkedin.




Peter Marks- Co-Founder


Ezequiel Vicente – Co-Founder


Paulo Aranda – International Relations


Mauricio Katayama – International Expansion


Nelson Leal – Technology Infrastrcture


Diego Machado – Full Stack Developer.


Gustavo Clemente – Blockchain Developer


Fernando Humel – Back – End


Alexandre Vitorioso – Real Estate Consultant


review conclusion

When analyzing ICO, we cannot confidently say that this project is promising. Idea is good and if the Team can perform it, ICO will be successful.



Pre pre-sale (500,000,000 Winco's distributed for $ 0.05) traded in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash.

Jan, 2018

Official release

Mar, 2018

Prospecting new real estate areas for decentralized residential development and hotel construction.

Jul, 2018

Presentation of WinnLife Project and start of works

May, 2018

Start of Sale of WinnLife apartments in the plant exclusively in Winco coins

Oct, 2018

Design and construction of Port in Asia

Sep, 2019

Entry into Project approval of the first decentralized real estate project – WinnLife Residential.

Mar, 2018

App development (oPay) of storage, payments and receiving with Winco and other cryptocurrencies

Jul, 2018

Partnership with international hotel chain for the construction and implementation of units

Sep, 2018

Integration of the oPay platform into the main associated business networks. Payment of services and products in trades and associated companies

Sep, 2018

Development of online betting platform with Cryptocurrencies

Dec, 2018

Bidding, Design and Construction of International Airport in Asia

Dec, 2019


Ezequiel Vicente

Peter Marks

Gustavo Ferreira

Blockchain Developer

Diego Machado

Full-stack Developer

Diogo Machado

Marketing Mananger

Paulo Aranda

International Relations