Business Idea

The YGGDRASH ICO and YEED Token are launching a 3rd generation blockchain protocol that is designed to tackle a number of pressing issues facing protocol scalability and utility. As blockchain technology is adopted on a larger scale, the increase in transactions and size of DApp data pose perhaps the most significant roadblock toward further progress.


YGGDRASH has designed a blockchain ecosystem that addresses scalability through a novel combination of performance processing technologies.


YGGDRASH is a trust-based, multi-dimensional blockchain ecosystem wherein each branch is governed by reputation to ensure integrity. The architecture of the YGGDRASH ecosystem will include a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) component and a DApp Store of Blockchain (DSB). The DEX is designed so that it will be possible to trade cryptocurrencies directly within the YGGDRASH personal wallet. The wallet will have the ability to connect directly to the blockchain rather than the internal wallets of existing exchanges.


ICO release of 10 billion tokens (1YEED=0.0080USD)


Personal cap: 1ETH/TBA


The final allocation:

  • 50% ICO Token Supply
  • 21% Reserve for Investment
  • 15% Team.
  • 10% Foundation.
  • 2% Advisor.
  • 2% Community.


Can’t participate: USA, Singapore, China.



YGGDRASH network is solving some of the most important issues of the current crypto space today. If successful, this network could be a game changer for everything. Mainstream adoption of crypto will be accelerated by working DAaps that will finally have room to reach full potential on this network.


The team behind the project is an ALL star with a former ICON Foundation team lead star Peter Ryu. Their experience and competence gives investors the insurance that they will deliver on their promise. (Information about the fact that Peter Ryu is in the team must still be verified)




Undoubtedly, team very experience and strong.


However, most of the main team are involved in different projects and work in different companies.


This is very baffling because in order to create a competition among the blockchain you need to concentrate on this idea as much as possible.


In roadmap very little is written about the future development of the project.


Social Media


Twitter – 3k followers, couple one – two posts a day. On average, over 100 retwitts and 100 – 150 likes per post.

Telegram– 17758 members with hi activity, the admins are answering actively to member’s questions.




Whitelisting- TBA

Token Sale – 19 – 23  March

Accepts: ETH, BTC, USD


February 2018- Homepage, White Paper, Private sale launch.

Pre ICO Launch.


March 2018 – ICO Launch, ICO END.

April 2018 – KYC/AML START


review conclusion

YGGDRASH is a serious contender among next-generation blockchain protocols. The technology and architecture of the blockchain represent one of the most advanced concepts to date. Most importantly, the team behind the project are exceptionally well-equipped to turn this concept into a reality. We are not so sure about this project, it seems like a scam.


Homepage, White paper

Feb, 2018

Pre ICO Launch

Mar, 2018

Main ICO Launch/END - AML/KYC Start

Mar, 2018

Token Distribution

May, 2018

Release Main net

Jun, 2019

Meet Up in Seoul

Mar, 2018

Pre ICO End

Mar, 2018


Apr, 2018

Release Test net

Sep, 2018


David Seo


Peter Ryu


Joon Seo


Ayden Kim

Blockchain Analyst

Min Seop Hong

Blockchain Engineer

Luke Hwang

Blockchain Engineer

Stevie An

Global Operations Manager

Won-Kyung Cho

Financial Product PM